Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

We are heading towards a perpetual Digital Marathon!

Gone are those days of selling through good old newspapers and texting through fax machines. With an ever-growing population & the arrival of the latest technologies, we are entwined digitally! Pragmatically, transitions are happening in many facets of the digital world. From magazines to banking online and reading ebooks, all and varied it becomes more imperative to travel digital! So, is traditional marketing withering out completely? How is digital marketing thriving ahead making lives lucidly simple?

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Facets of Static Traditional Marketing:

Primarily, Traditional marketing is all about reaching bent an area audience albeit it’s not limited to at least one. Like they assert old habits prevail. People are so familiar with traditional marketing due to its longevity. Reading billboards at long awaiting signals, skimming through newspaper ads to seek out a groom or bride of their match & learning magazines at salons are few activities people invariably do all the time. Tangible things like business cards, print ads in newspapers and magazines, commercials on TV and Radio, billboards, and brochures became the facets of traditional marketing. This static technique can’t be easily measured and it’s
plummeting down in recent times thanks to its exorbitant cost over varied fields. Henceforth, cost-effective digital marketing has paved its thanks to making life simpler and quicker like never before!

Dynamic Digital all the way! :
One of the main benefits or outcomes in digital marketing is that it’s measurable! Because the internet world continues to evolve shoulder to shoulder with technological advances, it becomes easy to succeed in bent an entire slew of individuals through digital campaigns. You’ll consider it as a marketing coup, but its global reaches through the online as significantly changed the lifestyle and established an interactive approach with the audience through various social outlets.
Digital marketing in some ways is analogous to traditional marketing, but it uses digital devices. YouTube videos, banner ads, websites, content-oriented blogs exemplify digital marketing. However, it’s an inbound marketing strategy & its primary goal is for people to seek out you. The simplest thanks to emphasizing digital marketing are by quoting an example: Say you’re running a business and you set contents or ads over the online for people to seek out. Using various social networks or by conducting organic or paid search people reach bent your business. The more the visitors, the more trust they begin to create together with your brand and eventually you begin to create rapport online.

Latest trends in Digital Marketing!

Targeting the specified demographics and tracking them online & tweaking them accordingly whenever necessary has proved time and again that digital medium is that the way ahead! As trends evolve each and each year, marketers need to keep track of the changes and emerging technologies to remain ahead within the Digital World. To keep you more digitally inclined and assist you to gain a competitive edge over others, there may be a glimpse of a number of the newest trends that are buzzing within the market:

(Can choose any two out of three or all three for ‘latest trends in Digital Marketing’ if the content is relevant to your services)

Omnichannel marketing is that the practice of selling across multiple platforms, including email, apps, social media, and your website blog. This approach enables businesses to attach with customers on more digital touchpoints, effectively offering a far better user experience.
By delivering a seamless, consistent cohesive brand message across all channels, you’ll generate far better results. ClickZ reports that omnichannel marketing drives over 3 times the maximum amount of engagement than a single-channel approach. Better yet, customer retention, average order value, and buy frequency are all essential once you have multiple channels.
As AI technology improves, companies can leverage data insights and machine learning to urge a far better understanding of customer behaviors, then personalize it at the highest levels.
Ultimately, attention on omnichannel marketing is that the road to an enhanced customer journey that keeps people returning for more.

Social messaging apps aren’t only for staying intuned with friends and family. Businesses altogether industries have taken a big interest in apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in recent times, and it’s no surprise once you consider the opportunities:

• 1.3 billion Monthly users are active on Facebook Messenger, sending quite 10 billion messages monthly.
• WhatsApp has 1.6 billion active users, sending over 55 billion messages a day.

While traditional channels like email and social media are far away from dead, there’s no denying that folks are more active on instant messaging apps. Within the next 57 years, messenger marketing is predicted to be the amount one marketing channel within the world. Therefore, it’s a logical move for brands to start out connecting with people on these platforms. Marketing through Facebook Messenger generates 10 to 80 times higher engagement than organic posts on the Facebook News Feed.

Messaging apps allow companies to succeed in a broad audience with short, personalized texts. 63% of online consumers are more likely to return to a corporation website if it’s a live chat option, hammering home the necessity for companies to require this channel seriously.
In 2021, you’ll expect to ascertain far more marketing in messaging apps, with many companies including video and interactive content to interact with users.

Content marketing continues to be an important component of digital marketing, although there’s an increasing emphasis on nuance in content. The standard is habitually getting to matter, but now there’s more important on the context and targeting. Google is developing a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of online content, and so, marketers must evaluate twice about their target market and the idea they will tailor content more precisely.

Much of this boils right down to the BERT update, released on Google in November 2019. The new algorithm helps the program giant get a considerably better knowledge of the tongue in user search queries. Directions from Google are that “rather than chase the newest SEO trends, it’s more significant to make sure a site has fast speeds, useful links, and well-written content.” 

Make no mistake:
Content marketing goes nowhere.
That being said, Google is getting smarter, and it gives preference to in-depth, accurate, current content that’s closely aligned with user intent.

Emails are becoming smarter day by day as marketers are juggling to spot the behavior of their leads. To form sure the proper content reaches the proper customer, certain tools and applications are wont to track the customer’s behavior. Behavior-based Emails are sent to subscribers who are active on the list concerning the segmentation of knowledge. Quite lately, a more personalized approach is taken into account in sending engagement-based emails. As technology advances, still many trends are emerging like Bulk SMS marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile advertising & social media marketing per annum and marketers need to make intelligent decisions to remain track of their ongoing campaigns and inculcate the newest trends to practice to stay ahead within the vying Digital world. 

Get Involved, or Get Left Behind (conclusion for latest trends in Digital Marketing) So, as you’ll see, things are moving fast within the digital marketing world. This is often no time for a business to face still because the younger demographics and more tech-savvy consumers of today want brands to attach with them in new and exciting ways in which make the customer journey easier and more enjoyable.

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