Content Moderation

Each platform that handles user-generated content, necessities to possess a moderation process in place. Content moderation ensures to protect your users, secures your brand, and shields your organization from lawful liabilities. You’ll cash in on our content moderation solution by deploying a team of in-house human moderators to review content on your platform. If you’ve got your framework that you simply might want us to utilize, we will adapt to your requirements to ensure smooth joint effort.

Video Moderation:

We are moving towards a video-dominated internet and the videos published on the location must not contain any obscenity, sexually graphic content, hate speech, violence, predatory grooming, etc… What brands need today are user-generated videos made live as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality and rules. We provide live content moderation and may moderate frame by frame using real-time reporting and suggestive actions.

Image Moderation:

Images play a serious role online and are the simplest thanks to attracting new users onto the location. Inviting users to share images may be a good way to spice up online interactions. a serious challenge once you allow image sharing is moderating those images to make sure they are doing not contain any explicit content (violence, porn, drug, weapon, offensive weapons, extremism, and scammers, etc.) or visuals that will not be suitable for that online platform. We can moderate any category of a picture, provided in any format with the very best level of accuracy and at optimal quality.

Text Moderation:

Online interactive communities, like chat rooms or forums, live or die supported the content provided by the users. Text moderation is crucial to make sure only appropriate user-generated content is posted and therefore the online experience of your users is free from anything objectionable. Filter posts, comments, reviews, or live chat supported predefined criteria, or protect your reputation by eliminating content that will expose the brand to security risks or legal issues. We follow the strict guidelines laid out by you to make sure only the relevant content makes it to your site.

Social Media Monitoring:

Every brand today may be active on social media because it is a necessity. Your social media pages are crammed with user comments and posts. While most of them are as per the rules of social media content norms, others can include false and hateful content. It could also contain the sort of photos and videos that don’t suit the platform’s guidelines. Our social media content moderation services are intended to maintain large volumes of real-time data in multiple languages while protecting quality, regulatory docility, and brand reputation.

Why Content Moderation ?

Without Content Moderation your community will quickly descend into anarchy, and therefore the atmosphere will probably become so unpleasant it’ll close up potential new members. We provide a highly live content moderation service using software and human skills to form sure every content on your social media and other online platforms is adherent to the rules and policy of your company.



While moderating the bad contents, we assist you to guard your brand by 24X7 monitoring and reviewing the negative contents from online threats, scammers, and hackers. We assure an immaculate image for your brand online while protecting you from online scammers, threats, and negative press through consistent content monitoring, screening, analysis, and review.


Enter Digidobe, We cater to the client’s demands by providing completely scalable solutions with a turnaround to satisfy the various client’s needs and make moderation quick and painless, the Digidobe platform can assist you to execute your entire user-generated content campaign in one central place.


As a seasoned data annotation service provider, we are a certified Company for maintaining high standards of knowledge security with privacy while working with our clients to make sure their confidentiality. It’s nearly impossible to try to do business today without collecting and managing sensitive data. As security threats and privacy regulations proliferate, organizations must expand efforts to deal with both cyber and privacy risks to take care of their reputations, earn consumer trust, and avoid fines and legal battles. Digidobe sits squarely at this crossroads, providing solutions for true data privacy management across your organization. Our framework outlines key stages of readiness to safeguard sensitive data and sustain compliance now, and into the longer term.


At Digidobe, you’ll get the best in class quality services with the highest accuracy level delivering excellence in image annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labeled data. Our professionals are specialists in achieving the simplest quality data annotation services with the very best accuracy level by auditing and reviewing data in multiple stages. Our hybrid content moderation systems have built-in internal control at different levels to make sure the simplest leads to the shortest durations.

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