Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads Unfolding the Dichotomy


Ever since digital marketing has spread its tentacles globally, people have found various ways to try to businesses online through Google & Facebook. It involves a solid understanding that both Google & Facebook are the thresholds for people trying to find advertising, to realize maximum visibility, to get leads & new customers. Without further due let’s attempt to dissect both concerning marketing & selling.

Short Term Google Ads for Sales:
Google may be a perfect fit for people that are trying to find intent-based marketing. It helps prospective buyers to seek out your business. It’s more like setting a trap for your customers by invariably generating leads. Moreover, it’s all about sales. Businesses sell their product & services through Google to people that are trying to find specific items.
Primarily, the Google program works on SEO. It’s all about the quantity & range of the favored keyword listings. Ad sense is run on the websites if the intent of shopping for is large for products and services. Before running Google Ads, certain sections need to be taken into consideration Keywords, demographics, location, negative keywords, device & language.

Say for instance you’re checking out “hotels near me” in Google. It’ll list all the hotels concerning location. The search results will have “Ad”, “sponsored” listing & also the foremost relevant results supported by my location.
It’s an upscale proposition nonetheless. An average CPC for Google ads is somewhere between 40 cents-5$.
Ideally, Google is employed for B2B prospects. it’s a worldwide market share of 80% & a whopping 2.4 million searches per minute.
One drawback is that by running Google ads you would possibly encounter unqualified leads.


Long term Facebook Ads for Marketing:
Facebook, on the opposite hand, is for targeting a broad audience. For instance, you’ll target people that have an interest in bikes, beauty, or the other market out there.
Facebook helps businesses find prospective customers. It’s more such as you are getting to search for customers. Never treat Facebook like Google. Here you’ll just search for marketing your product or business page but can’t sell.
It’s more of a broadcasting medium. Here you announce a loud and clear where people can get to understand about you & your product. For instance, if you’re getting to sell a low-end product on Face book you’ll direct people to your product landing page but you can’t convert them to shop for your product unless you educate them about your product first. Unlike Google, Facebook possesses the power to focus on people. it’s an enormous collection of knowledge. With two billion active users and 90% social network traffic, people can find an entire lot of data supported interest, location, behaviors, demographics, lookalikes, & website visitors.

As per stats and figures, it’s competently low-cost compared to Google. The average CPC is under a dollar. With mind boggling methodologies to focus on people at the granule level, you’ll market on Facebook without spending a huge amount of cash.
Ideally, Facebook is for B2C prospects. It’s mainly for people that are trying to find brand awareness.
Few drawbacks are there on Facebook too. As many of us are busy chatting with our friends & family, it’s difficult to draw their attention towards your ads & it requires tons of your time & resources to urge followers & likes.
To conclude I feel you bought to use both Facebook & Google to hold out your business online. Without marketing, you can’t sell. Take some time & invest wisely!

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